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A Journey? A Destination? …or a Way of Life? You decide…

Welcome! I’m you’re host Filmmaker-ExplorerShawna Cox, a.k.a Canadian Film Girl,and you’ve just found your next series of adventures! Born and raised on the Canadian Prairies, and inspired by after-work acting classes in Calgary, I launched not just one, but two dream film projects, my first feature dramatic film, “One Night in Seattle” and my first documentary project, “Overland and Outposts.“ Both took me to places beyond my wildest imagination and tested every human limit …all while keeping my day job (for the most part….)!

I have an AMAZING story to share about DREAMS, RISK and HOPE that will inspire you to see life in a different light… Just wait and see what happens when you take a chance on a long shot! Take your next step on Kickstarter.